President Allye Lawson

In 1950, under the directorship of Allye Lawson, two new projects were started.  One was the custom of rewarding local high school students by having them attend the weekly luncheons; giving them a certificate and having them show their work to the club.  When the expansion of the school system built the high school population to fill several schools, the program had to be abandoned.  However, another was substituted when once a month a local teacher was honored at the club meeting.  This activity was later discontinued.  The other project started in 1950 was the foreign student program, originated by the American Field Service in cooperation with the State Department, whereby students of high school age are sponsored, brought to the United States and housed for a school year.  The Las Vegas Rotary sponsored its first student in 1950, and for several years accepted the responsibility for one student a year.

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