The first S.O.A.R. (Safety Officer Award Recognition) Ceremony took place in June 2002. It was spearheaded by Retired Captain Bob Wood from LA County Sheriff’s Department and Janie Lynn. The goal was for Rotary and the Community to honor first responders from various agencies who exemplify the Rotary mantra of “Service Above Self”. We started with 8 agencies and are now up to 17 active agencies. Members from all Southern Nevada Rotary Clubs are welcome to join the committee, working together each year to make this a memorable event. The meetings start about 3 months prior to the event, which is held on the first Monday before 9/11 each year. To date, we have honored over 500 men and women from 20 agencies, as well as Special Awards for Very Special People. The event has been held at the County Commissioners Chambers for quite a few years but will be moving to a new location because we have outgrown the facility.

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The Las Vegas Rotary Foundation, Inc. (“LVRF”) is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State and qualified by the Internal Revenue Services as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 88-0403571). Established in 1998, LVRF supports the Las Vegas Rotary Club. Las Vegas Rotary’s mission is “teaching youth to succeed through literacy, education & life skills development.” Your charitable contribution to LVRF is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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