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All Rotary Clubs are attached to a District and members of the worldwide organization known as Rotary International. Within Rotary International (RI), we have our own foundation known as the Rotary Foundation (TRF). Rotarians around the world contribute to TRF to support local and international programs, projects and grants. The Rotary Foundation has a rich history of funding scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study in a wide range of academic fields. This is done through district, global and packaged grants.
The basic process

The Las Vegas Rotary Club is part of Rotary District 5300. Each Rotary year (July 1 to June 30 the following year) the District informs the clubs on what finances are available for scholarships and fellowships. This may vary from year to year as do the deadlines for applying. Learn more about the Rotary Foundation Scholarships available in our district and the deadlines by visiting our District 5300 website at

Interested candidates must apply through their local Rotary Club. The candidate is assigned a sponsor at the club level to assist with the process. If the candidate qualifies, once vetted, the club endorses the candidate and assists with the submission of the online application to the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation will contact the Rotary Club and candidate if approved. The applicant must then attend an online orientation or attend a regional orientation event and begin preparing for their study abroad. The applicant is responsible for applying to the university in the country approved by TRF.
District Grant Scholarships

District grants can be used to sponsor secondary school, undergraduate, or graduate students studying any subject, either locally or abroad. In addition, the scholarship may cover any length of time — from a six-week language training program to a year or more of university study. Districts may ask scholars to make presentations to local Rotary clubs and participate in Rotary service projects, but such involvement is not required by the Foundation. The district is responsible for all administrative support for district grant scholars. No host counselor is provided for international district grant scholars. Districts may request assistance from Rotarians in the area where the scholar will be studying, but those clubs are under no obligation to act as hosts. It is recommended that districts appoint a scholarships subcommittee chair to manage the logistics of identifying and approving candidates, making payments, and coordinating with the district in which the scholar will be studying.
Global Grants Scholarships

Global grants support scholarships for graduate students studying abroad in one of the six areas of focus. Scholarships range from one to four years and therefore can include an entire degree program. Prospective scholars must show proof of admission to the chosen university before the grant will be approved. The Foundation does not require global grant scholars to carry out ambassadorial duties, but the scholarship sponsor may encourage participation in club events or service projects. Global grant scholarships are funded using cash and/or the District Designated Fund, matched by the World Fund. The global grant budget must total at least US$30,000, but a scholarship may be a component of a larger grant application — for example, a scholarship plus a humanitarian project.
Packaged Grant Scholarships

The Rotary Foundation currently offers packaged grants for scholarships with two strategic partners. As additional partnerships are formed, more scholarships may become available. The Rotary Foundation offers eight packaged grants annually for water and sanitation professionals to study at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, the Netherlands. Rotary clubs and districts interview applicants who have been admitted to the institute in one of three master’s degree programs and recommend scholarship candidates. Aga Khan University awards scholarships to students from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to study nursing and midwifery at its School of Nursing campuses in East Africa. Rotarians from District 9200 select the scholarship recipients and mentor them throughout the two-year program in the child and maternal health area of focus.
World Peace Fellowships

The Las Vegas Rotary Club as part of District 5300, Participates in the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program. Candidates MUST GO THROUGH A LOCAL ROTARY CLUB to apply for the Rotary Peach Fellowship.

This is a graduate level program funded by The Rotary Foundation. If you have a background in peace and conflict resolution and are interested in this program your first step is to contact a District 5300 Rotary Club to find a club that is interested in sponsoring a peace fellow. Every District 5300 Club can nominate candidates for this program. Your club does not have to be currently qualified to do so. If the club finds a candidate, the club must first form a committee to interview that candidate to determine suitability for the program. Candidates are then forwarded to District 5300 which will form a committee to hold in person interviews with all qualified candidates recommended by clubs.

Learn more about World Peace Fellowships from our District 5300 website at

For more information, please visit the Rotary Peace Fellowship page on the Rotary International webpage:

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