Erik Astramecki

Erik Astramecki

Administration Committee & Fund Raising Director

Erik Astramecki is a Las Vegas entrepreneur who has a passion for solving problems. He has become an expert on the art of problem-solving while working at some of most innovative telecommunications companies in Las Vegas, Nevada including Cox, Comcast, and Verizon. He believes that communication should be easy and accessible, not complicated. Which is why in 2015, he started Intrinsic Technology Group and brought together a dynamic team of IT and telecom experts that specialize in helping businesses manage their telecommunications infrastructure efficiently. The firm assists clients with telecom contract negotiation, implementation, and ongoing technical support that streamlines all telecommunication systems for the company including internet access, cellular/wireless networks, telephone lines, and much more.

Erik is also a Co-Founder of Majestic Vacation Management, a short-term rental management company that offers a turnkey solution for clients looking to list their home on Airbnb and other sites. At the community level, Erik is a member of the Las Vegas Rotary Club in Las Vegas and enjoys mixed martial arts (MMA). In the ring and in business, his motto is “refuse to lose” because he works hard to always find a solution to any challenge no matter how long it takes.

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