President Walt Wehner

Walt Wehner came into office to serve the Rotary Club in 1967 and 1968.  The community was continuing to boom as new hotels were being built and the economy continued to boom.  Walt attempted to develop a balanced program, which would feature more Rotary and at the same time include enjoyment for both the members and their families.

Las Vegas co-hosted the District 5300 conference with Vern Willis as co-chairman for the event.  The silver-dollar medallion plan for the speakers was developed.  Also the club sponsored an inter-city visit to Caliente.  A “warm-up” dance looking forward to the fiftieth anniversary was held, and a spring golf tourney was staged.  All in all, it was quite a year.  The club also achieved the 900% niche in The Rotary Foundation.

Others who served as presidents after Wehner were Dr. Bob Robinson, Harold Wandesforde, Mark Mielke and Dr. Harold Boyer.

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