President Keith Ashworth

Keith Ashworth’s term, 1973-74, saw many changes develop in the Las Vegas Rotary Club.  After some 15 years meeting in the Tropicana Hotel for weekly luncheons, the most drastic of changes came about when the Rotary Club moved into the showroom of the Landmark Hotel.

The crippled children’s program also became a reality, and the board of directors voted $500 for the improvement of facilities at Lorenzi Park for use by the handicapped.  The explorers segment of the Boy Scout program also received a donation of $500 from the club, and a $500 donation was made in the form of a scholarship from the foundation for the Dana Marie Lull scholarship.  Five other scholarships were awarded to schoolchildren in the school system.

Because of inflation and the fact that dues had not been raised for some time, the board voted to increase the yearly dues so that the club could operate in the black.

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