President Don Ashworth

The year of Don Ashworth, 1975-76, was marked by the celebration of the nation’s bicentennial, and through programs developed within the Las Vegas Club, Rotary was able to play its part in the observance of the important birthday.  The outstanding program was the Constitutional Congress, the brainchild of Dean Cummings, which brought representatives from all of the various high schools in the area together to prepare a new Constitution for the United States to meet the changing times over the past 200 years.  This project was considered of such importance that it received notice at the RI Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois that year.

The 25 Club, the “Rotary Club within a Rotary Club” was established and proved to be another of the outstanding accomplishments of Don’s year.  The club is designed to provide the new members with a more intimate look at Rotary, as well as to provide the neophytes with a sense of fellowship.

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