President Jim Gamett

Jim Gamett, owner of the Las Vegas Laundry, assumed the presidency of the Las Vegas Rotary club in July 1990.  During the year his commitment to community services led to several projects of note.  Chairman John Henry Hoffman organized the first annual Handicap Social at the YMCA in December.  The club members provided food and entertainment for a large group of handicapped adults, who spent a Saturday morning in activities interacting with Rotary members.

Youth scholarships, which are given annually by our Club for academic excellence, were augmented this year by the first annual music scholarship given to our club’s entry in the District Dan Stover Memorial Music competition.  This scholarship was instituted to increase interest on the local level and in the arts.  Also, a special project of President Jim’s was completed in the summer of 1991.  This was the purchase by the club of the Elbert Edwards book and memorabilia collection from the Edwards family.  The club donated the Edwards collection to the UNLV Special collections library, and the Edwards family used the money from the purchase to establish a scholarship fund at the Boulder City High School.  This project was funded directly by Rotarians in the club who volunteered to participate to help complete the project when it appeared that no money was going to be available in the final budget.

Finally, the very first inter-club softball match was played at Cashman Field before a Stars game.  This match pitched the prowess of the 25 Club against the wily veterans with the Vets snatching the victory on the last inning heroics of “The Old Guard” (The Rotary board of Directors).  Followed by dinner at the stadium for participants and spectators and then the Stars game, the event promises to become an annual feud between the old, the new, the black and blue.

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