President Rob Moore

Rob Moore served as president of the Las Vegas Rotary Club during 1991-92.  He enjoyed the distinction of being the first, third-generation president of our club.  He followed his father, Julian Moore (1958-59) and his grandfather, Leo McNamee (1931-32).  Rob lived by his theme for his Rotary year:  “We’re not here for a long time, just a good time.”

Under Rob’s leadership, and with the guidance of his Board of Directors, a $7,500 contribution was made to establish the Las Vegas Rotary-George Crockett Aviation museum, which is to be housed at McCarran Airport.  In addition a most capable committee worked to complete an accessible playground for disabled children located within Sunset Park.  During Moore’s year, the Past Presidents were motivated to take on the project of replacing the Rotary curtain.  This was no small undertaking, and the project was well underway by the end of the Rotary year.  It was the opinion of the majority of members that they will remember Rob’s year as one of having the most outstanding programs in the long history of Rotary, thanks to the work of Caty Crockett.

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