President Robert L. Forbuss (Bob)

Robert L. Forbuss (Bob) became the Las Vegas Rotary Club’s sixty-ninth president when he took office in 1992.  His year was particularly successful in the money raising activities of the club.  Not only were the customary donations made to youth, educational and civic concerns of Las Vegas Rotarians, but through Bob’s effort and the cooperative members, Las Vegas Rotary led all clubs in District 5300 in contributions to The Rotary Foundation.

It is noted with regret that Bob’s demotion party could not be held at the Crockett Ranch, which for so many years was the beautiful setting for Rotary demotions.  In the name of progress a new expressway is to violate one of Vegas Valley’s most delightful sites.  It is to be hastily added that his demotion party was a great success at a new location at the Silk Purse Ranch.

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