President Ralph Rohay

Ralph Rohay took over the helm of the Las Vegas Rotary Club in 1997-98 to become its seventy-fourth president.  The year saw the club continue Rotary’s proud tradition of community involvement under the leadership of George Tate with members helping out with the Clark County Health District’s Immunization program and expanding the “Happy Feet” program to bring shoes to disadvantaged students.

Bob McBrien and Don Loyd expanded on Operation Santa Clothes to help kids in need. Fellow Rotarians Lt. Col Jim Sullivan of the Salvation Army and Tom Miller of Catholic Charities helped Bob and Don plan a great day for some deserving youngsters.

Once again Don Aikin took over the challenge of running a Super Bowl Party and, once again, it was a success as over $5,000 was raised.  Kathy Dalvey Bonar took three local Interact Clubs under her wing and organized a trip so that twelve students could go to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award).  Cliff Beadle worked hard to pull off an elegant 75th Anniversary Party for the Las Vegas Rotary Club in April.    Caty Crockett and Cliff also entertained the group with a hilarious oral history of the club.

Once again, the Las Vegas Rotary Club played host to all of Clark County’s high school valedictorians at the club’s annual ATS luncheon.   Jim Clark and his committee evaluated many deserving graduating seniors and awarded at total of fifteen scholarships to UNLV and CCSN at another lunch meeting to honor these students and their parents.

Ralph’s Rohay’s 1997-1978 year was capped off by the creation of the Las Vegas Rotary Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation to raise funds for the benefit of the community, thanks to the tireless efforts of Bob McBrien, Bryan Lowe and many other club members.

Ralph’s demotion party was held at the Silk Purse Ranch where he was tried, found guilty, and executed by a water gun firing squad.

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