President Tom Thomas

The passing of the millennium for the Las Vegas Rotary year was filled with service and fellowship.  Tom Thomas enjoyed serving as President with a hard working Board of Directors and the exemplary efforts of Kathy Frakes, Club Executive Secretary. Most of the club members participated in one or more of the activities during the year with numerous notable accomplishments. Kathy Dalvey Bonar, sent off 20 students to RYLA and recognized wonderful student efforts in the Four Way Speech Contest, the Dan Stover Music Competition and the Valedictorian Recognition Lunch.  Bob“Santa” McBrien and Don Loyd expanded Operation Santa Clothes project to other Rotary Clubs in the area and touched the lives of 80 children at three participating J.C. Penney stores.

Jim Tucker turned The Wheel into a multi-color, multi-page program, which has set the standard in our district.  Steve Linder lead the club in community service with work at Opportunity Village.  Ken Sparks and Jim Hunt had the club up to speed in International Service with a successful candidate for the Ambassadorial Scholarship.  Club Service Director, Ted McAdam, and his Program Chair, Michael Ballard provided excellent programs with visits from two U.S. Senators, the Governor, and three Majors.  LVRF, Inc. President, Bill Stephan kept the money flowing into the club’s foundation (LVRF, Inc.), while the club also earned top District honors for the largest donations, per member, to The Rotary Foundation.  To top that off, a record five members were named as Major Donors of The Rotary Foundation at Rotary International.

The club made a major move from its home at the Desert Inn Country Club, only three months before it was announced the Las Vegas icon would be closed and torn down.

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