The Wheel for December 17, 2020

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Listen to Arleen Sirois, Brock Fraser & Jerry Engel – Religious Traditions

The Wheel

Arleen Sirois, Brock Fraser & Jerry Engel – Religious Traditions

The History of Holiday Traditions

The month of December is filled with rich traditions that we all enjoy and celebrate. Beautifully decorated trees, the tastes of traditional treats and the giving of gifts are common customs celebrated by many without consideration for the rich religious history from which they are derived. For our last meeting of 2020 we will hear from several of our members about the traditions and customs of the season. Thank you to Jerry Engle for sharing with us the rich traditions of the Jewish faith and the celebration of Hanukkah. Our thanks to Arleen Sirois and Brock Fraser for their insights into the traditions of Christmas and this season of giving and gratitude.

Message From The President

Dear Rotarians,

 It’s a Wonderful Life

Here we are in the middle of the holiday season and near the beginning of a new calendar year.  It’s the time of year when holiday movie classics run nonstop on television, and not just the modern tales of a Griswold family gathering, of a boy willing to risk shooting his eye out, and of a six-foot-tall elf with an interesting take on pasta.  We can binge watch George Bailey, a man who lived a life of service above self, facing business ruin at the hands of an unethical rival and considering suicide in the 1946 movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.  George is reminded of the good he has done and his entire town rallies to his defense.  For a country recently coming out of the Great Depression and the horrors and sacrifices of World War II, it is easy to imagine why people were buoyed up by the movie.  The fact that it is still ranked as one of the top holiday movies of all time more than seventy years later speaks to the timelessness of its message.

As we approach a new calendar year, let us all remember that as long as good people do the right thing, and put service above self ahead of personal gratification, it will be a wonderful life.  I wonder if James Stewart joined Rotary to learn the character of George Bailey.

Richard Jost
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Member Highlights

Scribe – December 10, 2020


December 10, 2020

  • President Richard Jost called the meeting to order
  • Anthony Barnes gave the invocation
  • President Richard Jost played “Top 5 Rotary Myths” video in lieu of a song
  • President Richard Jost led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Bill Stieren was Sergeant at Arms
  • Jim Hunt and Michael Gordon gave an update on the Santa Clothes event from past week. 360 children served, totaling 5,997 since the beginning in 1997. Total goods and services since inception more than $1.5M!
  • Janice Lencke gave a wrap up of the virtual Holiday Party, thank you for your help with the virtual auction almost made our $5,000 goal. Susan won the Trivia Contest.
  • Toni Kern and Rosalee Hendrick announced our first corporate membership, welcome to the club West Care Foundation.
  • Jamie Goldsmith gave an update on SOAR, and shared a video the 12/03 ceremony at city hall with Mayor Goodman.
  • Anthony Barnes shared an opportunity for members to volunteer any day next week to help with the Salvation Army’s toy distribution project. Shifts from 8-Noon or Noon-4pm.
  • Bert Reiner won a chance to draw the joker. Deb DeLanoy won the Lawry’s bucks.
  • Judith Perkins played a holiday song on her violin.
  • Tom Thomas introduced our Speaker, Bob Brown, President and CEO of Opportunity Village, Nevada’s largest habilitation organization providing services to people with intellectual and related disabilities. He shared how the quarantine and pandemic has impacted their ability to serve their clients, and showcased their new programs. Betty’s Village, an independent living community, has broken ground.
  • President Richard Jost presented Bob Brown with the Share What You Can award.
  • President Richard Jost adjourned the meeting.

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