The Wheel for July 15, 2021

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Listen to Leith Martin – Executive Director Troesh Center UNLV

The Wheel

Leith Martin – Executive Director Troesh Center UNLV

Leith Martin, executive director for entrepreneurship / Lee Business School for New Faces feature In News Center at the Student Union, May 23rd, 2016. (Josh Hawkins/UNLV Photo Services) client Diane Russell/Sara Gorgon[/caption]Leith Martin is the executive director of the Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Lee Business School.

As director, Martin oversees various entrepreneurship programs — such as the Rebel Venture Fund, the UNLV National Science Foundation I-Corps program, and the academic entrepreneurship curriculum — that are tasked with offering entrepreneurial insight and establishing key relationships with stakeholders within the Las Vegas
startup community and beyond.

Martin’s expertise in entrepreneurship comes from personal experience. He turned down lucrative job offers after college to join startup global steel supplier Turnipseed International then went on to cofound the Las Vegas-based tech company EQUIINET. Martin served executive roles in both startup companies, expanding operations to India, China, and Western Europe.

He joined UNLV in January 2016.

Message From The President

Dear Rotarians,

On July 15, 1799, the “Rosetta Stone” wasfound in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-François Bouchard during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign.

The Rosetta Stone is a large black basalt stone that bears an inscription in Greek, demotic characters and hieroglyphics.
This stone is celebrated for having given the first clue to the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The term Rosetta Stone has been used in modern parlance as a clue, breakthrough, or discovery that provides crucial knowledge for the solving of a problem or a puzzle.

As I have lived on this globe for 60 years, I am still learning how to achieve peak happiness. One of the Rosetta Stone moments for me was the value of service for my emotional health.

There is a Hindu proverb that states:
Help thy brother’s boat across, and lo! thine own has reached the shore.

Mahatma Gandhi taught, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Some of the moments of joy that I most remember and appreciate have come from one-on-one assistance I gave to someone in need. In talking to our members and their friends who have participated in Santa Clothes, Wheelchair distribution or Spread the Word reading program, these activities are incredibly satisfying.

At lunch today or later this week, ask a fellow Rotarian what you can do this month to provide service. We need your help and as you serve, I know your life will be improved and become more satisfying in unexpected ways!

Mike Ballard
Las Vegas Rotary Club

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