The Wheel for January 12, 2017

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The Wheel

Chelsea Seegers -T Mobile

ChelseaChelsea Seegers is a Colorado transplant who has lived in Las Vegas since 2007. At a young age she knew she wanted to be in the events world and began her career as an event manager for a local pavilion and festival planning organization. She took her passion to the next level when she decided to attend UNLV. At UNLV she received a dual bachelors in Hospitality Administration, Special Event Management and Spanish. Chelsea started her career directly after college as part of the MGM Resorts International Management Associate Program (MAP). There she was a corporate hotel sales manager for just over two years. The entertainment bug could not keep Chelsea in one place, so she moved on to do special events at House of Blues and Foundation Room, which eventually led to her transition to the wonderful new T-Mobile Arena. There, Chelsea is in charge of all corporate, private bookings ranging from 20-20,000. Working in this brand-new, technologically advanced arena has been a highlight of her career and she looks forward to many years as part of the Entertainment Marketing Team. In her free time Chelsea enjoys traveling with her boyfriend, hiking, and hanging out with her Ivory Labrador, Omelet.

Message From The President

David ThorsonDear Rotarians,

As somebody who moved to Las Vegas only 11 years ago, I arrived at the peak of economic craziness and very shortly thereafter the crash. As such, most of my time here has been spent witnessing the fall and its aftermath. I have been blessed to be part of this Rotary Club for much of those 11 years so I could see the amazing generosity of our Club, despite the economy, and have a deep appreciation for the service we provide to the community day-in and day-out.

Thankfully, Las Vegas is set for another phenomenal year in 2017! We have a National Hockey League team dropping the puck this fall, a possible NFL team coming as well, downtown continues to improve, a new medical school will be launching and new commercial and residential developments continue to spring up. Things are on the right track again!

As a comparative newcomer, I have always wondered what it would have been like to live in Vegas “back in the day”. I believe that 30 years from now, newbies will be saying “I wonder what it would have been like to live in Vegas back in those heady days
of 2017?”

Given this, each day please take a few minutes to enjoy more of the people and places that surround you now, in this amazing new era.

David Thorson
President 2016 -2017
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Member Highlights

Scribe – January 5, 2017

  • President David Thorson called the meeting to order.
  • Bob Fisher gave the invocation. Sidra Kain led the club in singing “God Bless America.” The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the Sergeant-at-Arms was Glenn Meier.
  • There were (3) International Rotarians, (0) Visiting Rotarians and (5) Guests of Rotarians were introduced.
  • The drawing began at $2,979.00 plus this week’s donations. The winner gets half the pot and half goes to the Las Vegas Rotary Foundation. Ticket Winner: Past President Karen Whisenhunt who won $10! Lawry Bucks Winner: Kirk Alexander.
  • Ted McAdam led the club in singing “Happy Birthday” to the January Birthday Rotarians.
  • President David Thorson encouraged the members to continue bringing guests to weekly meetings and reminded us to continue supporting the Las Vegas Rotary Foundation’s goal of $2 million by 6/30/2018.
  • President Elect Michael Gordon presented at $2,500 grant to New Horizons School. The school is geared towards children with learning differences. The grant will help fund the purchase of Z Space, a virtual 3D program used for science and engineering projects.
  • Arleen Sirois announced that the next “Wine to Water” event will be held at the home of Dr. Kazem Fathie on February 22, 2017. The committee is in need of raffle prizes.
  • Kirk Alexander reviewed the youth programs for 2017 including the 4 way speech contest, the Dan Stover Music Competition, RYLA and Corazon.
  • Erik Astramecki announced that there will be a 25 Club Social on January 20, 2017 at The High Roller.
  • Glenn Meier told the club how happy he is to be back from his hiatus.
  • Dr. Michael Williams shared with the club that we had more volunteers at the Magical Forrest this year than we did last year.
  • Rosalee Hedrick introduced the speaker, Elynne Greene, the Manager of Human Trafficking and Victim Services at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Elynne informed the club that January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. If you
    see anything that you may think looks like a situation that requires investigation, call 1-888-373-7888. Do Not get personally involved! Ages 12 to 14 are the average age of entry into prostitution. The Polaris Project is the national organization that handles human trafficking cases. Some statistics are as follows; 90% of victims are from the United States. 80% of the juveniles who fall victim to human trafficking come from the local community of Las Vegas. In 2016, there were (138) cases of juvenile victims and (179) were adults. Human Trafficking is the second most profitable industry after drug trafficking.
  • President David Thorson presented the speaker with a “Sole Power Award” and adjourned the meeting.

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