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Listen to Marc O’Griofa, MD, PhD – COVID Task Force

The Wheel

Marc O’Griofa, MD, PhD – COVID Task Force

Dr. Marc Ó Gríofa received his medical degree from University College Dublin and his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the University of Limerick. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, a Fellow of the Faculty of Sports Exercise Medicine from the Royal Irish College of Physicians and Surgeons and the principal investigator for Project CASPER which flew onboard the International Space Station as part of the Astrolab mission. He spent four years at Kennedy Space Center as a physician and engineer working on the Space Shuttle program. He is a NOAA trained diving medical offi cer (DMO), Aquanaut, diver and senior researcher/engineer for the NASA NEEMO Mission onboard the Aquarius Undersea Habitat while also being the faculty dive medicine lead faculty for World Extreme Medicine.

In 2020, Dr. Ó Gríofa became a medical director for the City of Las Vegas running the Iso-Q, which was a 500 bed pre-hospital acute observation facility for the city’s homeless population during the COVID healthcare crisis. He is currently the medical director for the Recuperative Care Center overseeing healthcare for the most medical fragile homeless patients in the city. He is also deploying a number of biomedical technology and telehealth solutions for chronic medical conditions and is pioneering a genetic solution for incurable diseases like Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. He is also an operational tactical physician and medic for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SWAT Team. He is the President of the United States largest volunteersearch and rescue team (Red Rock Search & Rescue).

Message From The President

Dear Rotarians,

No Passport?
No Problem

If you are planning to attend the 2021 Rotary International Annual Convention in Taiwan but have not yet renewed your passport or started the process for applying for a visa to visit that country, there is bad news that will be good news for you. It will be really good news if you were dreading wearing a face mask on a flight that would last long enough to view at least five motion pictures.

The 2021 Convention planned for June 12th through the 16th will be virtual, much like the prior 2020 Convention that had been planned to take place in Hawaii. There will probably be time zone challenges participating in “live” events, but we all adjusted last June, and we will again. Last year we were disappointed about missing out on the beaches of Hawaii and the chance to socialize with other Rotarians from around the world, and this year you may similarly be disappointed about missing out on the sights, sounds and cuisine of Taiwan. But the convenience and cost savings may make up for that? If that is not enough to convince you to attend virtually, perhaps the fact that you can attend from a location where you already know the language will convince you to attend.

If the 2020 virtual convention is a good barometer, you will be joining over 60,000 Rotarians from around the world, and more than 75,000 visitors during general sessions, from the comfort of your home when you join the fun. Please do.

Richard Jost
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Member Highlights

Scribe – April 22, 2021

Las Vegas Rotary Club Meeting: April 22, 2021

    • President Richard Jost called the meeting to order.
    • Nikki Bates provided the invocation “Living A Life Of Grace.”
    • Kirk Alexander played the National Anthem sung by a combined choir of students from the United States service academies.
    • The Sergeant at Arms was Bhavan Singh.
    • PP Jim Tucker performed paparazzi duties.
    • President Richard Jost thanked the 25 Club members who performed meeting duties.
    • Visitors – there were (0) International Rotarians, (2) Visiting Rotarians,  Nancy Anderson and Tarby Bryant, the PEE from the Green Valley Club, and 1 guest.
    • Jamie Goldsmith drew for the Joker and received the $10 consolation, and the Lawry’s Bucks Winner was PP Ginger Anderson.


    • Marie Walsh reported the new collaboration with the Wheelchair Foundation. Marie met with John Williams and through this new relationship they were able to provide socks to the children at the Beckley school. Their next project will involve delivered meals. 
    • PP Jim Hunt and John Williams reported three hundred (300) wheelchairs will be arriving next week. The Richard Harris Law Firm is providing storage for the Wheelchair Foundation. The foundation will be facilitating the school projects on the first Friday of every month!
    • PP Jim Kohl shared the great Earth Day news of a collaboration with Green our Planet supporting a hydroponic garden. The board selected the Wing and Lilly Fong elementary school. 
    • 25 Club President Rose Falocco announced the next 25 Club meeting will be May 6th at 6 PM at the home of Bert Reiner. Meetings will continue to be the first Thursday each month and all members are invited. A basket raffle opportunity will once again be held to support the 25 Club service project to replenish the Salvation Army pantry. Please contact Rose to RSVP, contribute a basket, or participate in chances to receive a basket.
    • President Richard Jost made an announcement reinforcing why our club is the Greatest Rotary Club in the World. At the recent sessions of the annual District 5300 Assembly our club represented more than 10% of all assembled representatives from all the clubs in District 5300. PP Michael Gordon presented a keynote on Santa Clothes that was so impressive it “smoked” the presentations from other clubs. To top it off, PP Jim Hunt was ready in the wings to offer support knowing Professor Michael was dealing with UNLV exams that day. Greatest Club in the World? Correction…Universe!
    • President Richard Jost announced a partnership with Concourse d ’Elegance, the Las Vegas Ball Park, and our Club. A preliminary schedule of events will be forthcoming. Connect with Richard, PE Michael Ballard or Brian Sorrentino for more information.
    • Kim Nyoni introduced Dr. Bo Bernhard, who delivered a presentation on his tenure at UNLV and the exciting economic development stories of the past decade because of the UNLV International Gaming Institute. He spoke about the development of UNLV Inc., an innovative eco-system in the heart of the Hughes Center complex, an incubator that will change the relationship of recruitment of UNLV students through local collaboration with entities like the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park.

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