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Listen to Jack Sheehan – Writing the History of Las Vegas

The Wheel

Jack Sheehan – Writing the History of Las Vegas

Jack Sheehan’s journey to the desert of Las Vegas begins in the lush greenery of Spokane, Washington where he was born and raised. Having loved golf at a young age, Jack’s good fortune took him to the University of Oregon on a golf scholarship. After graduating with his degree in English, he then went on to compete on the national amateur golf circuit while also working as a writer. While in competition, he also obtained a master’s degree in English and in 1975 moved to Las Vegas on a whim.

From there, Jack went on to become a successful author, screenwriter, and speaker with more than 25 published books, including Buried Lies: True Tales and Tall Stories from the PGA Tour, a book he co-authored that became a New York Times Best-Seller. As a journalist, Jack has won numerous awards for his reporting, including the prestigious 1991 Lowell Thomas Award. As a speaker, he has presented over 500 talks to packed audiences in numerous venues.

With his charming and relaxed style of interviewing, Jack has convinced world leaders, business moguls, Hollywood celebrities, famous athletes, infamous criminals, and everyday people with extraordinary lives to open up to him and share their stories. From his wealth of experience, Jack has accumulated material for a number of presentations that have the ability to inspire, entertain, and surprise a wide range of audiences. His ability as a natural storyteller holds the audience on the edge of their seats wanting more.

“I enjoy speaking and have finally decided that presenting the stories I cover can offer a natural outlet for my day-to-day occupation.”

Message From The President

 What is in a Name? 

There are many themes that seem to recur with some frequency in the RI monthly magazine now called Rotary.  One such recurring theme is the distinction between a person being a member of a Rotary Club versus being a Rotarian.

The line between the two categories is drawn as follows.  A member of a Rotary Club attends meetings, pays their dues, and enjoys socializing with other members while sharing a meal.  A Rotarian, on the other hand, has had a “Rotary moment” and as a result has aligned their life with Rotary’s ideals.

We can dismiss this as much ado about nothing, or as an attempt to copy the religious groups who distinguish between the multitudes and the born-again believers.  Before we do, however, it is worth considering why the distinction between being a member of a club versus being a Rotarian comes up as often as it does in our monthly magazine.

That will of course lead you to evaluate where you, as an individual and we, as a club, land.  Are you attending meetings and socializing but rarely, if ever, thinking about living the Rotary Four-Way test of all you think or say or do?  Are you looking for ways to be of service above self?  Where does our club fall on these questions?

I reject the notion that we must have a “Rotary moment” to become Rotarians; I believe all of us have the opportunity to be more than just members if we choose to do so.

Richard Jost
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Member Highlights

Scribe – February 25, 2021

Scribe – February 25, 2021


  • President Richard Jost called the meeting to order.
  • Andrew Moran gave the invocation.
  • President Richard Jost played “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in honor of baseball’s spring training starting this week, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Michael Mewborn served as the Sergeant At Arms.
  • PP Jim Tucker served as the paparazzi.
  • We had five guests of rotarians and one visiting rotarian.
  • PP Jim Kohl presented a check for $5,000 to the Ryan Lipparelli Education Trust
  • Marie Walsh provided an update on Nevada Reading Week, March 1 – 5. We are still in need of readers, please check your email to sign up.
  • PP Jim Hunt gave an update on the Wheelchair Foundation. We have delivered just under 70 wheelchairs. Please send referrals to Jim and John Williams.
  • Toni Kern announced that we have been invited to participate in the 2022 Rose Bowl Parade Rotary float. An email will be sent with options that include decorating, attending the parade, and more. Our preliminary interest in number of participants is due March 2.
  • There will be a virtual social event, Wine Wednesday, on March 24. You will receive eight 187ml mini bottles of wine. The cost is $100, with $20 going to the Club’s grant fund. Advanced reservations are required. Please email Shawn or sign up in person at meetings. The deadline to register is March 4.
  • President Richard Jost announced that we would be sponsoring the Concourse d’Elegance event in October. If you would like more information, please see PEE Caty Crockett.
  • The club is in need of A/V help. Please see Kirk Alexander if you are able to assist.
  • Susan Ziobro announced their will be a 25 Club event on Thursday, March 4 at Lawry’s in the lounge. All members, plus significant others are invited. Please RSVP to Susan.
  • PP Jim Kohl provided an update on Green Our Planet. The Las Vegas Rotary Club was awarded a $1,000 Lefler Grant, and our foundation will pay the balance for the construction of one garden to be located at a school, yet to be determined.
  • The club received a thank you card from the Tyler Robinson Foundation.
  • The raffle ticket winner was Inga Almquist who received a prize of $10, and the Lawry’s Bucks winner was Jamie Goldsmith.
  • Susan Ziobro introduced our guest speaker, Matt Seltzer owner of S2 Research. Matt presented on The Creative Catalyst demonstrating how data and insights are important for the development of strategic marketing plans. His key takeaways for developing a strategy; ask questions, answer the questions with ideas, and create markets.
  • President Richard Jost then adjourned the meeting.

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