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Listen to Steve Schmitt, Senior Vice President and CEO at Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada – Catholic Charities Mission Overview

The Wheel

Steve Schmitt, Senior Vice President and CEO at Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada – Catholic Charities Mission Overview

Steve Schmitt is a 3 rd generation native of Las Vegas.  His great-grandfather, Ed VonTobel, Sr., was one of the original founders of the Clark township and attended the original land auction in 1905.  Steve attended St. Anne’s Catholic School, Bishop Gorman High School (1983) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1989); all on Maryland Parkway!  He received his Masters at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, which is a bit further away.  Steve started his professional career as a stockbroker for Kemper Securities and, eventually, Smith Barney.  This led ultimately to a career in banking, primarily with U.S. Bank in corporate and business banking.  When the foreclosure crisis hit Las Vegas, Steve started a property preservation business to manage more than 120 properties owned by the banks.  This resulted in him eventually becoming a Broker/Property Manager and the creation of several different residential property management companies throughout the valley.  Steve has always been very involved in volunteerism, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church.  After serving on its finance committee, Steve became the Business Manager for the largest Catholic parish and school in the Diocese of Las Vegas.  He has been serving as Chief Operating Officer for Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada since February of 2018.  Catholic Charities is the largest private social services agency in the State of Nevada, serving over 100,000 vulnerable men, women and children every year since 1941.

Message From The President

This week we will hear from Steven Schmitt of Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities and the Las Vegas Rotary Foundation, Inc., rely on charitable gifts to operate. As we head into the holiday season we will hear again the age-old adage that it is better to give gifts than to receive them. As a child, I believed that my parents coined this phrase to make sure I got gifts for my brother and sisters.

Rotarians are generally individuals who feel strongly about giving their time, treasure and/or talent to their local communities and beyond. Do we do it for others or for ourselves? The answer may surprise you. Research shows that donating to charity makes you feel better. Knowing that you are helping others is empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Researchers have determined that making a donation to charity increases activity in the area of the brain that registers pleasure. So it turns out the adage is true, not just something that my parents made up to make me buy gifts.

Together we have the power to improve the lives of others, and we do so through our donations of time, treasure and talent. As President, it has been my joy to hear the members report back each week about completed projects that benefitted the Las Vegas Valley; and to present checks to various charities that we have selected. The canned food drive is ongoing. The Halloween Party is this weekend. Santa Clothes and Opportunity Village are just around the corner. I encourage each of you to donate and go to these upcoming events. You just might feel better about yourself.

James A. Kohl

Member Highlights

Scribe – October 18, 2018

Las Vegas Rotary Club Meeting: October 18, 2018

  • President Jim Kohl called the meeting to order. Jaime Goldsmith gave the invocation. Sidra Kain led the club in singing our National Anthem, followed by President Jim leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Sergeant at Arms was Carey Grohs.
  • There were (3) International Rotarians, (3) visiting Rotarians and (4) Guests of Rotarians introduced.
  • President Jim encouraged members to share the live stream of our meeting on social media to share our message and our Club with others.
  • A check in the amount of $4,000 was presented by President Jim to Mark Brown of Miracle Flights on behalf of the Las Vegas Rotary Club and Howard & Howard.
  • A special presentation by PE Jackie Thornhill was made to Janet and PP Steve Linder for becoming Paul Harris Major Donors, contributing $10,000 each and receiving the special Major Donor designation pin.
  • Ted McAdam, together with Janet Linder and Rosalee Hedrick, inducted new members Val Hatley, Rene Gamero, Barbara Billitzer, Pedro Soso, Steve Weggeland and Walt Parrish to the Club.
  • Katie Decker, Bracken ES Principal, brought 3 superstar educators and gave a special thanks to PP Tom Thomas and his brother for all their service at Hollingsworth ES and the completion of a large portion of a woven privacy fence, creating a better environment for the children.
  • PP Russ Swain reminded members the UNLV Tailgate Party on 10/19 with parking in the Scarlett Lot, beginning at 5:00 p.m. followed by the game at 7:30 p.m.; PP Jim Hunt announced a good start to the Santa Clothes program, including backpacks and dental kits for the kids and the addition of a security presence at the event; Kim Nyoni reminded members about contributing to the canned food drive and the Halloween
    party scheduled for 10/26 at The Distillery, with auction, costume contest and great food; Jaime Goldsmith reported a fun Walk4Water held 10/12; Marie Walsh announced the November Breakfast With Books on 11/13.
  • The weekly drawing began at $3,202 plus this week’s donations. The Ticket Winner was John Ingeme, who received a prize of $10, and the Lawry’s Bucks Winner was Jaime Goldsmith.
  • PP Tom Thomas introduced our program speaker, Kristy Keller, currently with the Moonridge Group, after a rewarding and successful career with the Clark County School District, describing the work of Moonridge Group helping direct funds by donors and specifically the work of a client, Nevada Medical Center (NVC), a non-profit, dedicated to improving the quality of and access to health care in Nevada, for locals and tourists. She described NVC as a form of the synergy of experts in and out of the healthcare field. A focus of NVC is the Global Science of Play, explaining the value of play in relation to mental health and the benefits of play for all, especially children. Ms. Keller provided examples
    of what comes from play including resiliency, confidence, expression, and skills development.
  • President Jim presented our speaker with a “Share What You Can” award to benefit a veteran in need and then adjourned the meeting.

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