The Wheel for February 15, 2018

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The Wheel

Past Presidents Luncheon

Donald L. Aikin 1981-82
Robert L. Moore 1991-92
Tom A. Thomas 1999-00
James E. Hunt 2001-02
Kathy Dalvey 2003-04
Ned Phillips 2005-06
Russ Swain 2008-09
Karen Whisenhunt 2009-10
Tom Axtell 2010-11
Sharon McNair 2011-12
Steve Linder 2014-15
Mary Ann Avnet 2015-16
David Thorson 2016-17

Message From The President


CHILDREN – 136     ADULTS – 76     TOTAL – 212

Thank you to the following Rotarians for their help and support this morning at Beckley. A big thank you also goes to Audrey Davis who is not a Rotarian but joined us in helping form avid readers. I hope we will continue to see her at BWB. It was a very special morning!

Please note the total 212 was the same as last month and this is the first time this has happened. I hope we can bring this total up in March. The total might be low but the smiling faces and bright, eager eyes of the children attending made the morning perfect.

Toni Kern
Mary Ann Avnet
Walt Rulffes
Michael Williams
Marcella Gill

Jackie Thornhill who helped once again as my sidekick at the front desk in John’s absence. Both John and I appreciate her jumping in to help. He is very anxious to return and I hope it will not be too much longer that we can put him back in that seat. Next BWB Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Hope to see you there.

Marie Walsh

Member Highlights

Scribe – December 21, 2017

  • President Michael Gordon called the meeting to order. Anil Melnick gave the invocation. Arleen Sirois and husband Michael led the club in singing “You are my Sunshine”. First Lady, Amanda Gordon led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Sergeant-at-Arms was Doug Grant.
  • There were (0) International Rotarians, (2) visiting Rotarian and (27) Guests of Rotarians introduced.
  • Janet Linder provided feedback on the New Member Orientation held at their home on Feb 6th.
  • PP Jim Tucker announced and later awarded checks to the winners of the Super Bowl board (1st QTR-Brock Fraser, 2nd QTR- Dan Anderson, 3rd QTR- Debbie Miller, and Final QTR- Ginger Anderson). Half of the collections ($2,500) went toward the local foundation.
  • Erik Astramecki present a check to the Salvation Army for $7,656.60 for the canned food drive and a check for $625 for Meals for Vets from the weekly “Share What You Can” gifts to our speakers.
  • President Michael presented Beckley Principal Shannon Brown with a $1,000 donation. She reported that the funds will be used to continue building the science curriculum.
  • PE Jim Kohl presented a check for $5,000 to Public Education Foundation representatives Judy Steele and Dr. Brian Myli.
  • President Michael reminded the club of the Tiberti Fellowship launch that can be achieved by a cumulative donation of $1,000 or more to the local foundation; a donation of $100 or more will advance you to Tiberti Sustainer. Tiberti Fellows will be recognized at the 95th-anniversary party.
  • PEE Jackie Thornhill provided a director’s report of the ongoing projects the club is and will be involved in this year. Additionally, reminding the club of the 50% club match for members donating towards their individual Paul Harris levels. The presentation will take place at the 95th-anniversary party in April.
  • Dr. Randy Frost presented his son, Scott Frost, with a Paul Harris Fellowship.
  • Rosalee Hedrick and Janet Linder inducted new Rotarians Carey Grohs and Tina Bishop into the club.
  • Anil Melnick reminded club members to RSVP for the 95th-anniversary party on April 5th.
  • PP Jim Hunt announced the next Cigar Fellowship to be held at PP Tom Krob’s home on March 16th.
  • PP Karen Whisenhunt encouraged club members to attend the Mayor’s Cup soccer tournament over President’s Day weekend to support the German soccer players the club is hosting.
  • President Michael reminded the club that the February 25 Club social will be held at Tommy Bahama’s from 5-9pm on Feb 14th.
  • Marie Walsh thanked the many members that signed up for the Feb. 13th Breakfast with Books.
  • Adam Hommey was fined $95 for his top seller “Ground Hog Day is an Event Not a Business Strategy”
  • The drawing began at $1,294 plus this week’s donations. Ticket winner, club member Pete Samuolis’ wife Pam drew the Joker to win the pot. Lawry’s Bucks Winner was Bob Barnard.
  • Sidra Kain introduced the program speaker, Brian Rouff author, public speaker, and owner of an advertising and marketing firm. Brian described how he gathered inspiration for his novels, “Dice Angel”, “Money Shot”, and “The House Always Wins” from his 20-30 years in Las Vegas and everyday life experiences, including his own haunted house. Brian is currently working on a sequel to “Dice Angel”. His marketing and advertising firm help get other author’s books to market. The speaker gave away two copies of his most recent novel to club members who answered Las Vegas trivia questions. President Michael Gordon presented our speaker with a “Share What You Can” award to benefit a
    veteran in need and adjourned the meeting.

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