The Wheel for April 4, 2019

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The Wheel

Katie Decker – CitySim

Kathleen Decker has developed an effective magnet program that transformed Walter Bracken STEAM Academy completely. When Ms. Decker was appointed principal in 2001, Walter Bracken was one of the lowest performing schools in the district. Over the years, the award-winning program has received national, state, and local recognition. The Clark County School District was so impressed by the success at Walter Bracken; they franchised the program to two more underperforming schools and made Ms. Decker the principal of all three. Over the years she has focused on sustainability to ensure the school’s mission and vision live long past her tenure.

Ms. Decker is most known for her sustainability by leveraging the community and building partnerships. She is passionate about school culture and climate. Ms. Decker has presented at several national conferences on building a school theme, starting a reading series program, giving students choice through explorations, using gardens in schools, and promoting financial literacy. She has mentored many educators and will continue to work towards creating engaging opportunities for students in the future.

Message From The President

Dear Rotarians,

For such an amazing organization, it is surprising that Rotary discriminated against women into the late eighties. Although women were permitted to attend meetings, give speeches, receive awards, and form auxiliary organizations, the Rotary constitution excluded women from membership. The issue came to a head when the Duarte, California, Rotary Club (“Duarte”) admitted women to active membership. Rotary International’s (“RI”) response was to terminate Duarte from RI. Litigation ensued and it went all the way to the United States Supreme Court where RI lost its battle to keep discriminating against women. Thereafter, the 1989 Council on Legislation voted to admit women into Rotary clubs worldwide. While RI likes to highlight the fact that “the vote followed the decades-long efforts of men and women from all over the Rotary world to allow the admission of women into Rotary clubs” the fact remains that it was a divided vote that only passed after RI lost in the United States Supreme Court.

On the positive side, the response to the decision to admit women was overwhelming. By June 1990, the number of female Rotarians had skyrocketed to over 20,000. In July 1995, eight women become district governors, the first elected to this role: Mimi Altman, Gilda Chirafisi, Janet W. Holland, Reba F. Lovrien, Virginia B. Nordby, Donna J. Rapp, Anne Robertson, and Olive P. Scott. By July 2016, the number of women worldwide had surpassed 250,000. Women immediately embraced the leadership opportunities provided by their Rotary clubs and have been making an impact in communities around the world.

Our Club has been greatly enriched by our female members who have served on our committees, our boards and as President. In recognition of RI’s thirtieth anniversary of admitting women in Rotary, I ask that you make a donation to the RI Foundation.

Jim Kohl
95th President
Rotary Club of Las Vegas

Member Highlights

Scribe – March 28, 2019

Las Vegas Rotary Club Meeting:  March 28, 2019

President Jim called the meeting to order. PP Karen Whisenhunt gave the invocation. Bob Werner led the club in singing God Bless America, followed bythe Pledge of Allegiance.  The Sergeant at Arms was Jaime Goldsmith:

  • President Jim encouraged members to share the live stream of our meeting on social media to share our message and our Club with others;
  • There were (2) International Rotarians, (1) visiting Rotarians and (5) Guests of Rotarians introduced;
  • President Jim’s announcements:The winner of our club’s 4-Way Test Speech Contest has won the next level and is advancing in the regional competition ; Stuart Lipoff provided us with club membership cards to invite prospective members to our meeting; if you’re attending the District Conference 5/3-5/4 please buy a Rotary shirt; the next Corazon SuperBuild is 5/18;
  • Rosalee Hedrick inducted our newest member Jacob White, who’s sponsored by Tom Thomas; Tina Bishop introduced Spread the Word Nevada Director of Development Pamela Lang who spoke of LVRC’s contributions to STWN including making BWB at Beckley ES one of the highest attended, our Books & Buddies program involvement and having donated $124,700 which has helped STWN reached its 5 millionth book distributed to kids;
  • President Jim played the presentation video covering the 30th anniversary of women as members in Rotary, as prior to that RC was men-only membership; serendipitously our Club’s first lady president PP Katy Crockett was at today’s meeting and was recognized by the club for her achievement;
  • President Jim presented Deb Granda a check for her winnings from the previous week’s drawing; Joakim Nyoni  recapped the previous night’s 25 Club social to serve community dinner at the LV Rescue Mission with 19 participants helping to serve 722 meals; Rene Gamero talked about today being the last day of our Project 150 Drop Your Drawers drive to help 6k homeless teenage Vegas high school students with new undergarments, bras, socks, toiletries and feminine hygiene products, any questions to see Rene or Niki Bates; Marie Walsh invited everyone to the last Breakfast with Books of this school year on 4/9; Kathy Mahon talked about the small but mighty group that participated in the Stop the Bleed class on 3/23; PP Randy Donald updated us on the 6/27 Debunking Party to celebrate the outgoing president; PP David Thorson covered the Wetzel Awards ceremony occurring later that afternoon; Bill Houghton discussed the  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 3/29 – 3/31 and Joakim Nyoni, Carey Grohs, Chan Lam, Tina Bishop, Michael Williams and Bill Houghton’s involvement; PE Jackie Thornhill talked about our 4/27 Cuisine & Octane annual fundraiser at Celebrity Cars benefitting STWN and our foundation, and she announced the Paul Harris Followership contribution match lasting until the end of June;
  • The weekly drawing began.  The Ticket Winner was Steve Kwon, who received a prize of $50, and the Lawry’s Bucks Winner was David Lester;
  • PE Jackie Thornhill introduced our program speaker Judge Susan Johnson, District 5300’s Foundation Chair, whose presentation was on the RI Foundation;
  • President Jim presented our speaker with a “Share What You Can” award to benefit a veteran in need and adjourned the meeting.

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