The Wheel for August 23, 2018

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Listen to Mike Ballard and Rodney Tucker on New Markets Tax Credits and Qualified Opportunity Zones Funds

The Wheel

Mike Ballard and Rodney Tucker on New Markets Tax Credits and Qualified Opportunity Zones Funds

Mike Ballard is president of Ballard Consulting and is also a partner in the firm of Ascent Multifamily, which provides outsourced accounting services to multifamily firms representing more than 28,000 units throughout the U.S. Mike oversees the Tax Credit, Consulting, and Business Development segments of the firm. Prior to Ascent, Mike was a consultant to Enhanced Capital, Advantage Capital and Stonehenge Capital related to their New Markets Tax Credit and/or SBIC funds.

Mike has served or advised many major real estate companies including Forest City Development, Lennar, CBRE, Sundance Bay, MJW Investments, Greenspun Corporation, Thomas & Mack Company, the Molasky Group of Companies, Union Pacific Realty, Realty Management, Inc. (RMI), Carefree Senior Living and several municipalities.


Rodney Tucker is a lifelong resident of Vegas, who is primarily focused upon real estate development. He is the Father of five, four boys and one girl and grandfather of two. He spent his formative childhood summers (involuntarily) working on relatives’ ranches and farms. He would rather read than sleep…. prefers outdoors and working with his hands to any other form of labor. Three things most people don’t know about him: 1) Was once a paramedic, 2) Don’t tell anyone but he is in the witness protection program and 3) was a Russian spy up until the last presidential election.

Message From The President

Rotary’s Motto is “Service Above Self.” While the concept of servant leadership is promoted and admired by Rotarians, I must admit that I have been of less service than I could have been to this Club. This week brought the concept of service above self into sharp focus. To paraphrase a pair of popular sayings: life is what happens when you have something else planned; and as too often happens, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This week our scheduled speaker was unable to speak to us. And, despite our best-laid plans, our backup speaker was unable to speak to us as well. When the call went out for service, two club members, Mike Ballard and Rodney Tucker stepped up to donate their time and expertise by preparing and delivering today’s presentation.

Tina Bishop and the Speaker’s Committee work hard to find us speakers. They have contingency plans in place if a speaker cannot make it. In this case, the backup plan failed so we had to go the Plan C. I thank Mike and Rodney for volunteering on such short notice to provide us with today’s presentation. I also want to recognize Shawn Noorda Tina Bishop, Past President Randy Donald, Past President Michael Gordon and Kirk Holmes for their help with solving our dilemma. Human nature tends to make us short-sighted. When given a choice, we tend to act in our own best interest. Each of the aforementioned chose not to act in their own self-interest, but instead, offered their ideas, services and suggested solutions to me to makes sure that today’s meeting was a success. I thank each of them for donating their time and promoting our interests in front of their own.

On behalf of the Club, thank you very much.

James A. Kohl

Member Highlights

Scribe – August 16, 2018

Las Vegas Rotary Club Meeting: August 16, 2018

  • President Jim Kohl called the meeting to order. Blake Myers gave the invocation. Bob Werner led the club in singing God Bless America, followed by President Jim leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Sergeant at Arms was Jaime Goldsmith.
  • There were (0) International Rotarians, (4) visiting Rotarians and (8) Guests of Rotarians introduced.
  • President Jim encouraged members to open up their Facebook page and share the LVRC live streaming and web page to spread the word of Rotary and about our Club;
  • With a heavy heart and condolences, Glenn Meier advised of the passing of Francesca Gilbert’s husband Richard and everyone keeping the Gilbert family in our prayers
  • President Jim presented a check for $4,000 on behalf of Howard & Howard and the Las Vegas Rotary Foundation, to Pigs For Kids, a fundraising group for children
  • PP Tom Thomas and his wife Leslie, were recognized for their support of Spread The Word Nevada by their donation of $12,500
  • Janice Lencke announced very exciting news about our fundraiser raffle and the meeting on 9/27 that includes an MC, a ‘secret’ VIP to pull the winning ticket, beautiful showgirls and a Press Release, hoping to make this a wonderful fundraiser and networking opportunity by encouraging non-member ticket holders to join us at our lunch
  • PP Dave Thorsen reminded members of the great opportunity to attend the Rotary Leadership on 8/25 at the Windmill Library; Janet Linder invited members to attend the New Member Orientation on 8/22 at 6 pm at the home of Jerry Sennes; Marie Walsh announced an orientation for Breakfast With Books on 8/23 following our lunch meeting; Kim Nyoni announced a 25 Club Social and Graduate Celebration on 8/23 from 5:30 -9:00 p.m. at Bangers downtown; President Jim announced the Fantasy Football draft on 8/25 and the Rotary Essentials Training scheduled for 9/8; Ginger Anderson reminded members about the upcoming Shakespeare Festival scheduled for 9/7-9/8, and to RSVP to Deb Granda for the Friday night dinner and Saturday cocktail party by 9/1; PP Jim Hunt asked us to ‘Save The Date’ of 10/5 for the Cigar Social at Tom Krob’s home at TPC; visiting Summerlin Club Rotarian Paul Workman announced their club Harvest Wine Festival on 10/9 at TPC and tickets are available (including a raffle) for $25 each; visiting Summerlin Club Rotarian, Glenn Townsend, on behalf of Southern Nevada Rotary, encouraged Rotary to make a strong attendance honoring our heroes at SOAR on 9/17 at City Hall
  • The weekly drawing began at $1,862 plus this week’s donations. The Ticket Winner was Rodney Tucker, who received a prize of $10. The Lawry’s Bucks Winner was Kirk Alexander
  • Ginger Anderson introduced our program speaker, Frank Mack, the Executive Producer at the Shakespeare Festival who provided great video and information about the Festival which provides 8 plays at once as well as so many other activities, including Green Shows, seminars, talkbacks, backstage tours, and workshops. Additionally, the Festival not only provides a significant financial addition to the local economy, but provides so much to 20,000 students, including student competitions, and year-round educational programs
  • President Jim presented our speaker with a “Share What You Can” award to benefit a veteran in need and then adjourned the meeting.

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