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Listen to Lynn Goya – County Clerk

The Wheel

Listen to Lynn Goya – County Clerk

Lynn Marie Goya was elected as the Clark County Clerk and has been serving since January 2015. Clark County, which contains the famous Las Vegas Strip, issues approximately 80,000 marriage licenses per year to couples from over 160 countries around the world. The local wedding industry generates over 18,000 jobs and contributes over $2.5 billion in annual economic activity. When Goya discovered a 37 percent decrease in wedding tourism, she immediately took action, working with the legislature to create a special wedding promotion fund that generates over $1 million per year. She created a public/private partnership with the wedding industry that evolved into the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce and works closely with Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority (LVCVA), Travel Nevada and Brand USA.

Prior to being elected, Goya was a freelance journalist who wrote for local, regional and national publications including USA Today, Audubon and the Boston Globe. She is an award-winning playwright, an Emmy-nominated writer, received the Frederick L. Ryan Award for Economics; the JCPenny Golden Rule Award for community leadership and the EMERGE Nevada 2016 Alumni of the Year.

Achievements and Initiatives:

Implemented a secure online and in-person credit card processing service to reduce cash intake and allow the department to collect online order requests 24/7;

⦁ Created a simplified website for couples, MLIC.VEGAS, with a QR code that chapels and wedding planners can use on their literature to direct  customers to our mobile-friendly application.  Now, 100 percent of the  couples use the online application, which reduces wait time for couples and printing costs for the department;

⦁ Worked with the legislature to provide much-needed technology funds to all Nevada county clerks;

⦁ Developing a strategy to balance privacy of personal information with public access to information;

⦁ Implemented a strategy to protect digitally archived permanent public records to secure and protect them from potential data loss or ransomware threats;

⦁ Digitizing county permanent public records that date back to 1909 and creating a transparent public search;

⦁ Overhauled the marriage officiant application process and implemented a mandatory training program to ensure officiants understood their rights and responsibilities to the state;

⦁ Streamlined the certificate filing process saving hundreds of hours of staff time;

⦁ Reorganized the Clerk’s Office management team and created a new system for employee review and training;

⦁ Created an online scheduler for civil marriage ceremony and passport acceptance appointments.

Awards and Recognition:

⦁ NACo 2018 Achievement Award for revising the marriage officiant application process

⦁ 2016 NACRC Best Practices Award

⦁ NACo 2016 Achievement Award for “Low-Cost Tech Innovations Save Time and Money for County Clerk”

⦁ Women of Distinction Award for Corporate and Government Services from the National Association of Women Business Owners of Southern Nevada.

Message From The President

Dear Rotarians,

This week we hear from Lynn Goya, Clark County Clerk. One of the many responsibilities her team has is managing the Marriage License Bureau.

How did Las Vegas get named the “Wedding Capitol of the World?”

Around 5.5% of the weddings performed in the US are performed in Las Vegas. Destination weddings are a huge business for our city.

It all started in 1931 when the “New” Marriage Law was passed. The law allowed couples to get a license and get married on the spot without any wait times or blood test. Just get out your Photo ID, pay the fee, currently $77, and it is good up to one year. So, with the ease of obtaining a marriage license, celebrities coming over to Sin City to get hitched, couples from all over added a Las Vegas Wedding to their Wishlist.

The Clark County Courthouse is open 365 days a year 8 AM to Midnight. Just show up and 15 minutes later, you can be married. Now there are many wedding services to cater to the needs of the couple. Several venues, chapels, hotel chapels, independent officiants who can travel to you, florists, photographers, bakeries, hair and makeup and just about whatever can be dreamed of. Elvis is in the house to marry, get married while skydiving, hot air balloon rides, helicopters to beautiful locations around the area, oh and how about a drive-up window? Yep, that too.

What else does is the Clerk’s office oversee? Notary Public, I have been working with them since 2001 when I became a Notary Public and now a Remote Notary. Fictitious Firm Names? Yes, filed a few of those over the years. How has the Clerk’s office continued business during the pandemic? I know we will hear about how that has been managed. I know the Marriage License bureau has reopened. Good News! Couples are already applying for licenses, searching wedding vendors and venues so they can set a date and visit our city.

The Clerk is an elected office. When will Lynn be up for reelection and does she intend to run again? Some questions to ask our speaker. Another question? How is the destination wedding business doing overall in Las Vegas?

Reno/Las Vegas also has the reputation for being the divorce capital of the world. It is generally easier and faster to obtain a divorce in Nevada. After establishing residency, a mere 6 weeks, and only one of the couple must be a resident, the divorce can be filed. Then depending on the case load in Family Court, a decree can be issued fairly quick with no waiting period.
Back in the day, the Boulderado Ranch and the Tule Ranch served to house divorce seekers to meet the residency requirement and so the reputation was born…

Ok so we are covering both sides. Sometimes it is just about business……with a lot of love or not built in!

Jackie Thornhill
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Scribe – May 28, 2020

Las Vegas Rotary Club Meeting: May 28, 2020

May 28, 2020

  • President Jackie Thornhill called the meeting to order via Facebook/Zoom Live Stream Event with 44 virtual attendees.
  • PP Stephen Linder gave the invocation.
  • Kirk Holmes was Sergeant at Arms
  • Chase Carter was Scribe
  • PP Stephen Linder explained the meaning behind the missing man table, in honor of Memorial Day
  • PP Stephen Linder played Naval Academy Glee Club singing The Navy Hymn – Eternal Father Strong to Save
  • Ted McAdam led a special tribute performed by Judith Pinkerton, a medley of the songs from each major branch of the US armed services.
  • President Jackie Thornhill led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Toni Kern introduced guests: Inga Almquist, and Albert Angulo.
  • President Jackie Thornhill announcements and reminders:
    • People of Action campaign is still on going so send photos to President Jackie.
    • Monthly and Quarterly contributions are due and needed for the upcoming year.
    • Lawry’s is preparing to open June 12, and President Jackie will contact Ed early in the upcoming week to discuss options for our weekly Rotary lunch meetings. We may meet on June 18. There will be a new seating chart, details to come.
    • Check the virtual green book for scheduled upcoming meetings.
    • There are still openings for articles in the Virtual Craft Talk section of the Wheel. Please submit a 250 maximum word document with a picture and logo if you would like to be featured.
  • Toni Kern shared the June Membership Orientation is scheduled for 6.16.20 at Jerry Engel’s house
  • President Elect Richard Jost:
    • He reinforced the urgency for completion of the committee sign up and pledge form for next Rotary year. Please return the forms to Shawn so that accurate information is available for budgeting. Those not submitting pledge forms will charged the suggested amount.
    • New District 5300 assembly are being conducted virtually, all board of directors are strongly encouraged to join, and all members are welcome.
  • President Jackie Thornhill:
    • There is a Highway Cleanup scheduled for 6.20.20. RSVP required, Jerry Sennes will provide brunch.
    • President Jackie Thornhill reminded that the foundation match is good until 6.30.20. 50% up to 500 points contact Melanie or Shawn for details!
    • PP Jim Kohl said Save the Date. President Jackie’s debunking is scheduled for 6.25.20.  Will be at Rose Falocco’s house.
    • PP Karen Whisenhunt: Recounted that Frank Devlyn Past President of Rotary International passed away. She shared her personal anecdote about him and his connections to Las Vegas.
    • Andy Kuniyuki introduced our Speaker, Arnold Stalk, PhD, Founder of Veterans Village now known as Share Village Las Vegas which serves United States Veterans and families in need of housing. An architect by education, time spent with VISTA lead him to understand the needs of the chronically unhoused. Share Village is a housing system which allows people to go from homelessness to self-sufficiency with five campus open 24/7/365 and no one is ever turned away. All independent living, not a shelter. Housed over 14,000 veterans over nine years. They just opened a new shipping container housing facility. With the heat, they are especially in need of bottle water donations and with the current food crisis they need volunteers at their daily food distribution program.
    • President Jackie Thornhill led the club is a special playing of TAPS in observation of Memorial Day.
    • President Jackie Thornhill adjourned the meeting.

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