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Listen to Arnold Stalk – Memorial Day, May 25th

The Wheel

Arnold Stalk – Memorial Day, May 25th

Arnold Stalk Ph.D. has more than four decades of experience in the public and private sector and is responsible for dozens of notable residential, industrial and commercial projects in Nevada, California and throughout the U.S. as well as in Haiti and China. He has been the Principal of Arnold Stalk Consulting, a Las Vegas based full-service firm specializing in “Start-To-Finish” planning and urban design, redevelopment, governmental relations, real estate acquisitions, property management, and property financing projects.

Dr. Stalk received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) and holds a Ph.D. As a professor of architecture, he has taught and lectured at California State University, Northridge; Southern California Institute of Architecture; University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); University of Southern California (USC); California Polytechnic University Pomona; and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Previously a licensed general contractor in the State of California and is currently a licensed Real Estate agent, Property Manager and Expert Witness in the State of Nevada.

Having served on the Board of Trustees of Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill of Southern Nevada, United Way of Southern Nevada, The Shade Tree Shelter, Christmas in April, Greater Las Vegas, American Red Cross of Southern Nevada and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, Dr. Stalk understands the intense need for caring about our community. He has also as an Advisory board member of Variety Early Learning Center, 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, and is currently is a Trustee and President of SHARE, a non-profit organization that was founded 1n 1994.

Dr. Stalk is the Founder of Veterans Village, Las Vegas which is now known as Share Village Las Vegas which serves United States Veterans and families in need. This is a unique and innovative approach to holistic and comprehensive housing with intensive supportive services. Public and private collaborative partnerships have been created to provide supplies and services to residents including housing, medical and mental health services, employment training, referrals and placements, food pantry/nutrition programs, and transportation to the VA and clinics in Las Vegas.

Dr. Stalk was recognized with the National Daily Points of Light Award from the White House, President George H.W. Bush, and President George W. Bush in 2007. In addition, he has received the Community Associations Institute’s Ordinary People, Extraordinary Measures Award, was a nominee for the Volunteer Service Humanitarian Award for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada. Dr. Stalk has also received Community Partners for Better Health-Veterans Village US Veteran Services Award and was nominated for the CNN Heroes and the President Citizens Medal Award. In recent times, he was honored by First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Mike Pence at The White House for housing homeless United States Veterans with respect and dignity.

Message From The President

President’s Message 5-28-2020

It has been said many times that our “Greatest Generation” lived during the second World War. After initially desiring to remain neutral, we were attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. The US declared war on the Japanese Empire the next day, December 8, 1941. Four days later, Germany declared war on the US.

As we celebrate Memorial Day with our amazing program today, I started to wonder how Rotary conducted and/or even survived during this time. We know our club was chartered in 1923 and by the time of World War 2, Rotary was already a recognized International service club.

The Rotary Club of Birmingham England has written history of Rotary during this time and I will quote directly from their site with an article entitled:


Leading up to the United States’ involvement in World War II, Rotary International was finding its very existence threatened in Europe. On the other side of the world the news was equally grim. As the Japanese invaded China, Rotary clubs in that region were forced to close, and the war officially erupted, entire countries fell to German or Japanese forces. It was said (in A Century of Service – The Story of Rotary International) that “484 clubs and 16,700 Rotarians were wiped off the rolls of Rotary” during this time.

In Europe, Rotary records were seized by the Gestapo and Rotarians were imprisoned. In Warsaw twelve members of the local Rotary Club were executed. Some Rotary clubs that were closed down found their members burning every record of membership. French Rotarians continued to meet secretly after Germany invaded that country.

As was the case in Europe, Rotary members in the Far East were also imprisoned, but in these instances, by the Japanese. It would seem that in some areas of the world during the war it was difficult at best to be a member of Rotary.

The National Park Service, who built and maintains the World War 2 memorial in Washington DC, has written a very nice article entitled:

The World War II Home Front

Realizing that a massive amount of food was needed to feed the troops, farmers from across the country went into full-production mode. Shipment after shipment was sent overseas to feed the hungry soldiers. So high was the demand for food, that it quickly became clear food rationing would have to take place within the United States. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Americans across the country began planting “victory gardens.” Twenty million of these victory gardens popped up around the country and accounted for 40% of the vegetables consumed within the U.S.

Remember “Rosie the Riveter?” Millions of women stepped into the factories to ramp up war materials production. War Bond rallies were held all over the country. Never before or since have Americans so banded together with a single purpose. This is why they are America’s Greatest Generation.

I am proud that my Father was a World War 2 veteran. I have some of his mementos and he is interred at Miramar National Cemetery. I am equally proud of all the Rotarians who stepped up and undoubtedly participated in every important effort during this time.

Jackie Thornhill
Las Vegas Rotary Club

Scribe – May 21, 2020

 Meeting Notes from May 21, 2020

  • President Jackie Thornhill called the meeting to order via Facebook/Zoom Live Stream event with 46 virtual attendees.
  • Ana Orellana gave the invocation.
  • Jamie Goldsmith sang and played piano performing a medley tribute to Lil Richard.
  • President Jackie Thornhill led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Kirk Holmes was Sergeant at Arms.
  • Judith Pinkerton was scribe.
  • There were two guests, Daniel Warren and Ari Weinberg who plan to produce a documentary dispelling myths about Rotary.
  • President Jackie Thornhill announcements/reminders:
    • People of Action Campaign is still ongoing so send photos to President Jackie.
    • Monthly and quarterly contributions are due and needed for the upcoming year.
    • Please use the QR code in the green book to sign up for events online.
    • Lawry’s is preparing to open for around 60 attendees next month.
    • There are still openings for articles in the Virtual Craft Talk section of the Wheel. Please submit a 250 maximum word document to President Jackie describing what you do professionally.
    • Highway Cleanup is June 20, 2020.
    • Everyone attending today’s meeting who is not wearing the Rotary emblem is fined $97.
  • Toni Kern announced Member Orientation is scheduled on June 16, 2020 at Jerry Engle’s home for 2-4 new members.
  • Melanie Muldowney reminded us that the Foundation Match is still available through June 30th.
  • PE Richard Jost mentioned three areas:
    • Next year’s committees sign up is happening now.
    • 2020 Rotary Virtual International Convention is June 20-26 in the mornings.
    • 2020 Virtual District Assembly starts June 2, then weekly on Thursdays June 4,11,18 & 25 with global grant sessions on a separate schedule.
  • PP Michael Gordon announced 100 wheelchairs have been delivered to Salvation Army and to please contact him if you know of anyone who needs a wheelchair.
  • PP Jim Kohl announced President Jackie’s debunking is at 6pm on June 25, 2020 at Rose Falocco’s home.
  • Kim Nyoni introduced our speaker Marta Meana who serves as the President of UNLV. Described as a mission driven leader, Dr. Meana disclosed past events, current actions and future possibilities regarding the state of UNLV amid the pandemic. Although 1800 students were directed to return home from residential halls, 170 remained with no place to go. 3100 students graduated who will experience a delayed ceremony in December. Leadership returns to UNLV in June with staggered reentry of staff still providing mostly remote classes for summer with a hybrid solution projected to reduce density of individuals on campus. Spaces are being reconfigured along with sanitization requirements fulfilled. Budget cuts consider 3 models of 6%, 10% or 14% reductions with furloughs and additional student fees planned for the deeper cuts, guided by a special legislative session in August. UNLV sports collaboration with the Raiders will review risk mitigation strategies at Allegiant Stadium. Dr. Meana lauded UNLV’s many department teams who stepped up to negotiate successful remote classes (about 98% student engagement) and support community commitments with public health service at the forefront.
  • President Jackie Thornhill adjourned the meeting.

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