Pilar Bianco (or how she likes to be called Pili) is a 16-year-old exchange student who was born in La Plata, Argentina. When she was four years old she moved to a little city called Tandil, which is four hours from Buenos Aires.

In Argentina, she lives with her mom, Mariana, and her two bigger brothers, Manuel (21) and Martin (18). She has two pets, a dog called Simur and a cat called Agnes.

She started her exchange on August 12, 2017, and now is living with Tom and Robin Novotny. She goes to Coronado High School, where she is having a complete American experience. Pilar loves to dance, swim and work out, and she is super outgoing and because of her personality, she does not have problems to make friends.

She discovered Rotary 3 years ago, when she joined Interact Club in her city, and then she discovers the wonderful Youth Exchange Program, and that changed her life forever.

Pili loves the United States as much as she loves Argentina, and she would love to come back after her exchange to attend college in America.

She would love to be a doctor (a heart surgeon) and save as many lives as she can.

She also wants to change the world through Rotary, spread good vibes, and make a difference helping others.

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